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Big Data Visibility Platform The industry needs a common platform to fit these gaps. OPHYLINK utilizes its unique FPGA based data process technology and SDN network knowledge to come out a big data visibility platform solution to this market. The follow diagram shows how a passive monitor architecture works.
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OSL405X Single Multi Mode Fiber Splitter Optical Splitter is a kind of passive device. It can split input optical power at certain ratio. The common splitters are 1:2, 1:4 and one by multi. The exact splitter ratio is flexible to meet customer’s requirement. Optical Splitter is widely used at passive optical network (PON), traffic monitoring applications. Optical signal goes through a splitter, Some certain ratio optical power is splitted out. This part of power is too weak to be directly used. An optical amplifier is used to improve the power. After the device making the amplification, the optical signal can be splitted again as necessary.
OSL401X/402X MUX/DEMUX Dense wavelength division multiplexing system the core component of the multiplexer is OSL401X, OSL402X series products, its function is different wavelengths of light signals are multiplexed to a single fiber and will separate the multiplexing in a single fiber optical channel according to the wavelength. 100GHz channel spacing dense wavelength division multiplexer has good wavelength stability, low insertion loss and high environmental stability. With frame type 19 inch 1U standard chassis, providing 8 wave (with upgrading export, extended channel) or 40 wave (no thermal AWG or thermal AWG) multiplexer. Trunk C/DWDM system Metropolitan area network C/DWDM system
EDFA OSL501X Optical Amplification EDFA optical amplification device, that is, erbium doped fiber amplifier, mainly used for the wavelength 1528nm-1561nm range of optical signal amplification, with low noise, high reliability and other features. Device can be configured through the serial port parameters, through the network port can be pumped to the state and input / output light power real-time monitoring. EDFA optical amplifier is widely used in the backbone network, metropolitan area network, as well as the sub light amplification and other scenes. Before the optical receiver, the weak light signal can be amplified to improve the sensitivity of the optical receiver. After the optical transmitter is placed, the power of the transmitted light is improved.
OSL802X Ethernet Smart TAP OSL802X is a smart TAP device for GE and 10GE Ethernet. Typically, OSL802X is put into the network as an active inline TAP. The network traffic can be mirrored and transmitted to tools for analysis. If power is down, OSL802X will activate optical protection within 50ms to restore the network link. OSL802X can be put between switches and routers. The bidirectional traffic can be mirrored to the application tools, as shown in the following figure. Headquarter Chengdu
OSL812X Packet Broker OSL812X GE/10GE packet broker is a 48x1GE+4x10GE device for copying, filtering, aggregating, and distributing network traffic to enable efficient use of traffic analysis tools. OSL812X can receive mirrored traffic from a subset of GE/10GE ports, filter the received traffic by ACL rules, and load-balance and redistribute the received traffic to another subset of GE/10GE ports for processing by traffic analysis tools so that the traffic analysis tools receive interested traffic only.
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